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About Bogdan Poplacean

Bogdan is our Operations Manager. He came to us by way of MINI of Montgomery County and Vob BMW.

KW Coilovers Install For V60 Polestar Edition

Here’s the factory front suspension. It does the job very well, but, Chris elected to switch to something more adjustable, and sport-oriented. We used the Volvo special tool to remove the control arm that connects to the bottom the hub assembly. It allows for easier removal of the front strut/spring assembly. Front assembly’s side-by-side. Chris [...]

Bogdan’s Tips For Driving In Snow And Ice

Bogdan put together some quick ideas that every driver should know about driving in snow and ice. Drive safely these next few days and if you need to see us, you can always make an appointment here. 9 Things You Should Know About Driving In Snow And Ice You don’t need all wheel drive to [...]