Pre-Owned Volvo Sales in Rockville MD

Pre-Owned Volvo Sales in Rockville, MD

Scandinavian Import Servicenter has been serving Maryland and DC Volvo lovers since 1975. Scandinavian is an independent Volvo dealership in Rockville, MD, committed to providing our customers with only the best factory condition pre-owned Volvos in Maryland. Our extensive experience means that your Volvo has passed our intense scrutiny and represents the best value available. At Scandinavian Imports, we pride ourselves on serving our customers better than any other dealer. After more than three decades, many of our Volvos are sold to returning customers and their friends and family.

Pre-owned Volvo Benefits

  • Safety – Volvo is the pioneer and longtime innovator of automotive safety.
  • Design – Volvo beauty is more than skin deep. They are designed for performance, comfort, longevity and protecting your loved ones.
  • Value – We select Volvos that are between two and six years old because we believe these represent the best value in the marketplace.
  • Factory Condition – Our dealership’s attention to every last detail means that your pre-owned Volvo will be in the best possible condition.

Why Choose Scandinavian?

  • Knowledge & Expertise – Scandinavian was founded by a dealership mechanic who has more than 30 years experience selling and servicing Volvos.
  • Location – Conveniently located in Rockville, Maryland, just a short drive from Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia.
  • We believe in honesty, integrity, communication, commitment and superior technical skills.

Volvo Maintenance and Repair Service

Scandinavian is also equipped to service and repair your Volvo. Our service department uses Volvo’s VIDA factory software system, factory tools and parts. Whether your Volvo needs routine maintenance or major repairs, Scandinavian Import Servicenter is the answer. For more information about service or repairs for your Volvo, visit our Service Page. For information about how our Volvo service prices compare to other area dealers, visit our Consumer Price Survey Page

What Our Pre-Owned Volvo Customers Are Saying

Allen P. Southern Pines January 10th, 2014

“I drove 350 miles to SIS to buy a 2009 Volvo V70 after heavily researching this model and after sending Alan Tetervin many email inquiries about the history and condition of the particular V70 he had at SIS. When I arrived, Alan and Frances had the car perfectly detailed and ready to go and had all the paperwork in order. They are truly professional, informed automotive business people who know their products and know the kinds of experienced buyers who are likely to purchase their Saabs and Volvos. A very relaxed, informal, pleasant car-buying experience.”

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What Our Customers Are Saying


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