Saab News: We’re Now An Official Saab Service Center(OSC)

Back in February, Edwin wrote a letter to our dedicated Saab owners. The letter explained Scandinavian’s commitment to servicing your Saab for many years to come. We’ve loved Saabs for a very long time and have always maintained an extensive inventory of Saab parts and relied on Saab factory tools despite being “outsiders”. We’ve always been an independent shop and were never considered an “official” Saab service center(OSC). A few weeks ago, we got the opportunity to change that and reaffirm our commitment to the Saab owners we work with every week. We recently finalized the purchase of a substantial inventory of Saab parts. And became an Official SAAB service center(OSC).

For our past Saab customers, not much is going to change. We service a substantial number of Saabs every week. While there may have been delays with parts deliveries in a few instances, we have rarely run into significant issues with parts availability. With this recent parts purchase, those occasional delays for certain Saab parts will happen considerably less frequently.

We have more Saab parts than anyone else in the Wahington DC area now. We have factory-direct access to all Saab parts and next day deliveries on special orders, too. We’ll be performing factory warranty work and recalls including airbags when the parts become available.

Just part of our continued commitment to keeping your Saab on the road.

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