To Our Dedicated Saab Owners

It’s been quite some time since the last Saab rolled off the assembly line. The little Swedish brand famously born from jets broke the mold in areas of safety, comfort and technology. ‘Industry-first’ innovations included heated seats, active head restraints and distributor-less ignition – features that are now often non-negotiable on modern cars, are available thanks to Saab.

And of course, who could forget the uniquely Swedish design of Saab cars? The long sweeping curves of the company’s early models that resembled the wing design of an aircraft continued to inspire Saab’s designs to the very end. It’s no wonder why we here at Scandinavian Imports love Saabs. And we promise to stay committed to the brand and our Saab customers for a long time to come.

By now many of your friends and family have commented on your Saab, and how servicing and maintaining your Saab MUST be impossible, what with the company no longer existing and all. We’ve heard it from our customers and we want to lay those fears to rest! We have many resources to keep your Saab on the road, including an extensive inventory of parts in our very own parts department. There may be delays with certain items from time to time, but we have yet to encounter significant issues with parts availability. So rest assured, you can count on us!

And if the time comes to finally part ways from your loyal Saab, we can help with that, too! After all, we’ve had to learn how to fill the void ourselves. But until that day comes, we are thrilled and honored to continuing servicing your Saab.


Edwin Rodriguez
Service Manager

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Edwin has been an ASE certified auto technician since 2007.

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