KW Coilovers Install For V60 Polestar Edition

OEM Front Installed (Custom)

Here’s the factory front suspension. It does the job very well, but, Chris elected to switch to something more adjustable, and sport-oriented.

Front Control Arm Removal (Custom)

We used the Volvo special tool to remove the control arm that connects to the bottom the hub assembly. It allows for easier removal of the front strut/spring assembly.

KW Side-by-side (Custom)

Front assembly’s side-by-side. Chris chose to buy a new spring seat for the KW suspension. While it does add an extra expense, it allows for the OEM front assembly to stay intact. This saves a couple of steps since the spring does not have to be compressed to transfer the upper spring seat.

front kw installed (Custom)

Ahh, the KW’s have finally made it into their new home. Much more interesting to look at versus the OEM hardware! This particular set is adjustable for compression and rebound using a provided knob. We used the KW recommended settings, and it drives great. There is plenty range for adjustability from firm to soft, but everyone feels differently.

OEM Rear Installed (Custom)

Moving on to the rear end of the V60 now, we can see the OEM gear. Almost no surprises here, look at that big blue IPD rear swaybar!

Edwin Removing Rear (Custom)

Here’s Edwin preparing to remove the oem rear spring. You can’t see it from the picture, but, there is a smile on his face. He’s a gear-head as well, and enjoys Ikea, Volvo wagons, and long periods of boost.

Rear OEM Spring Coming Out (Custom)

You can see the rear spring removal. The OEM spring is fairly tall and needs a spring compressor as well as some downward pressure on the lower control arm to remove. With the help of an eye bolt and generously sized pry-bar, the spring comes out with little fuss. It is a two-handed operation, but not detrimental to the control arm or bushings.

Rear KW Side-by-side (Custom)

Another side-by-side, this time, it’s the rear suspension. We recommend buying new rear shock mounts, to mount on your new shocks. On the KW’s, you have to enlarge the hole in the OEM shock mount. It’s easy, and the metal is relatively soft.

rear kw installed2 (Custom)

Spot the difference? The KW’s appear to have less droop travel compared to OEM. We don’t think that will really be an issue as you shouldn’t expect to measure departure angles from your newly lowered Volvo. We did have one grievance with the rear spring adjuster…ride height can only be altered by removing the rear spring. Once installed, this set-up is unlikely to be adjusted, but it becomes a time-consuming process to set the ride height initially.

rear kw installed (Custom)

Looks great, and is functional. We like the adjustability of the KW kit, and hope it will provide Chris with many miles of enjoyment!

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