Bogdan’s Tips For Driving In Snow And Ice

Bogdan put together some quick ideas that every driver should know about driving in snow and ice. Drive safely these next few days and if you need to see us, you can always make an appointment here.

9 Things You Should Know About Driving In Snow And Ice

  1. You don’t need all wheel drive to get around in the snow.
  2. Right equipment, right conditions. You’re not wearing running shoes when shoveling snow, why use the wrong tires. Winter tires are made to work when cold and snowy, they remain pliable even at very cold temps.
  3. Cars are smart, let them help you. Electronic aides help to manage slipping wheels and assist you in maintaining control of the vehicle.
  4. Slow and steady wins the race: It’s hard to run on snow, much less drive. Extra distance and decreased speed will help you stay out of someones back-side.
  5. Momentum is key! Traction is harder to gain from a complete stop.
  6. Use gentle inputs! Use the gas pedal as if you have a balloon between your foot and pedal. Slow, and deliberate inputs will help the tires keep traction longer. Same goes for steering.
  7. Listen to your car, and the engine. Feel the resistance in the steering.
  8. Practice. Practice. Practice. Since it doesn’t snow that often in our area, find an empty parking lot and practice stops, starts, and turns.
  9. Look ahead! It’s harder to get into a bad situation if you are alert and scanning far in front of you. Don’t wait for the person in front of you to react, they probably aren’t paying attention!

About the Author:

Bogdan is our Operations Manager. He came to us by way of MINI of Montgomery County and Vob BMW.

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